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Family and Divorce Law

We can handle your family law needs. The Herrington Law Firm is especially sensitive to clients who are facing the dissolution of a marriage and are experiencing the stress and emotion of the process. Our goal is to achieve a quick and respectful resolution of divorce actions through negotiation and/or mediation for the benefit and privacy of the parties and children. However, if disputes and disagreements are unavoidable, we will take an aggressive, tough approach in your divorce and child custody litigation.  Our firm has handled hundreds of family law cases in Harris, Ft. Bend, Montgomery and Brazoria counties in litigation, negotiation, mediation and trial.

Advice, support and direction confidential consultations and referral services for persons contemplating divorce or any other family law matter.

Divorce fault and no-fault divorces covering all aspects of the parent child relationship (including conservatorship/custody, rights and duties, possession and access/visitation, and child support) and division of property (community property division, separate property protection, business valuation disputes, contractual alimony and spousal support/maintenance).

Modifications changes to prior orders for custody, visitation, child support and division of rights and duties to children.

Marital Agreements prenuptial or post-marital agreements.

Child custody and visitation sole/joint managing conservatorship, rights and duties, and possession and access to children.

Grandparent rights establishing legal rights and possession and access in special circumstances.

Enforcement suit against person who has violated Court Order or Decree (i.e. child support, possession and access, property agreement, post divorce property division).

Protective Orders suit for protection from family violence in the past and violence likely to occur in the future.

Parentage adjudication of biological parent of child(ren).
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