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Civil Litigation

If you have been injured by the negligent or willful act(s) of others, including the action(s) or inaction(s) of major corporations or businesses, then The Herrington Law Firm can help you pursue and win your lawsuit.  We specialize and sue wrongdoers on your behalf for negligence, gross negligence and intentional torts.  The choice of the right lawyer for your case is an important one.  We have successfully tried and negotiated hundreds of cases, and will review your civil litigation case during a free consultation.

Sexual abuse and exploitation sexual abuse by therapist/mental health professional or clergy member under Tex. Civ. Prac. Rem. Code Chapter 81.

Premises Liability  injuries caused by unreasonably dangerous conditions known by owner or occupier of premises.

Negligent Activity employees or agents creating hazardous situations causing you injury.

Automobile wrecks car crashes caused by texting, cell phone use, drunk driving, inattention, speeding and failing to yield.

Motorcycle accidents car and truck interference and inattention to motorcycle rider causing injury and death. 

Trucking Accidents large tractor trailer collisions with vehicles or other trucks typically caused by company failure to train drivers, speeding of driver to meet schedules, careless, reckless and/or tired driving causing injury and death.

Deceptive Trade Practices breach of warranty, laundry list violations and unconscionable conduct causing economic damages and mental anguish.

Product defects  injuries and death caused by product design and manufacturing defects
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